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How to Use Kayak ChatGPT Plugin to Plan Your Trip

May 27, 2024
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Imagine planning your whole trip with just a few clicks. Meet the Kayak ChatGPT plugin, your new AI travel assistant. Keep reading to find out how Kayak ChatGPT can make travel planning simple and stress-free!

What Is The Kayak ChatGPT Plugin?

The Kayak ChatGPT Plugin is an integration that allows users to search for and book travel options directly through ChatGPT. This tool uses natural language processing to help users find flights, hotels, and rental cars by simply typing their queries. Available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, it offers a conversational way to access KAYAK’s services, making travel planning more intuitive and personalized.

What the Kayak ChatGPT Can Do

The Kayak ChatGPT can help you across various aspects of travel planning:

  • Flight Searches and Bookings: Users can ask about flights for specific dates and destinations. The Kayak ChatGPT provides details like departure times, layovers, and prices. This plugin simplifies comparisons and facilitates booking by linking directly to Kayak’s booking options.
  • Hotel Reservations: The Kayak ChatGPT assists in finding hotels that meet the user’s budget and preferences. Kayak’s plugin can check availability and even guide users through the booking process, all within the chat interface.
  • Car Rental Services: The Kayak ChatGPT can display options available in any given city or location for those needing car rentals. Users can specify rental durations and preferences, and the GPT will list the best deals.
  • Destination Suggestions: If a user is unsure of where to go within a certain budget, the Kayak ChatGPT can recommend destinations. This plugin uses data from Kayak to suggest places that offer the best value for money.
  • Travel Itinerary Planning: Beyond just booking, the Kayak ChatGPT can help users plan their itinerary by suggesting activities and attractions in their chosen destination.
Kayak ChatGPT can alert users to price changes

Benefits Of Kayak ChatGPT In Travel Planning

The Kayak GPT Plugin introduces several benefits to travel planning:

  • Simplification of Planning: The Kayak ChatGPT simplifies travel planning by automating the search for flights, hotels, and car rentals. Users input their preferences, and the GPT provides a comprehensive list of options that suit their needs, saving time and effort.
  • Personalization: It offers personalized travel suggestions based on the user’s input and preferences. For instance, if a user is looking for budget-friendly options, the Kayak ChatGPT will tailor its search to find the best deals available.
  • Conversational Interaction: Users can interact with the Kayak ChatGPT in a conversational manner, much like talking to a human travel agent. This makes the experience more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Efficiency: The Kayak ChatGPT processes information quickly, providing fast responses to queries. This efficiency is crucial for users looking to make quick decisions on their travel plans.
  • Comprehensive Travel Solutions: Beyond just booking flights or hotels, the Kayak ChatGPT can suggest attractions and activities based on the user’s destination and interests, offering a more rounded travel planning experience.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By constantly monitoring price fluctuations and alerting users to price drops, the Kayak ChatGPT helps travelers book at the most economical times.

How to Use Kayak with ChatGPT

Step 1: Access ChatGPT

  • Start by visiting the ChatGPT platform. You’ll need to have a ChatGPT Plus account because the Kayak ChatGPT feature is exclusive to Plus subscribers.

Step 2: Access the ChatGPT Store

  • Start by accessing the ChatGPT Store within your ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise account.
Kayak ChatGPT

Step 3: Search for Kayak ChatGPT

  • Use the search function to find the Kayak ChatGPT specifically. Look for it among the multitude of available GPTs.
Use the search function to find the Kayak ChatGPT

Step 4: Review Information

  • Once you’ve found the Kayak ChatGPT, review the information provided. Pay attention to details such as its capabilities and user reviews.

Step 5: Select and Install

  • Select the Kayak ChatGPT and proceed to install it. This typically involves a simple click or tap, depending on your device.
install Kayak ChatGPT

Step 6: Integrate with ChatGPT

  • After installation, the Kayak ChatGPT should seamlessly integrate with your ChatGPT interface. You may need to authorize the integration or follow additional prompts.

Step 7: Start Asking

  • With the Kayak ChatGPT activated, you can now begin typing your travel-related queries directly into the ChatGPT chat box. You can ask about flights, hotels, car rentals, or other travel details.
ask kayak chatgpt about flights, hotels, car rentals

Step 8: Refine Your Search

  • You can refine your searches by adding more details or modifying your existing queries. The Kayak ChatGPT will remember your previous interactions and adjust the responses accordingly to provide more relevant results.
Kayak ChatGPT will remember your previous interactions

Step 9: Verify Information

  • Remember to verify the information provided by the Kayak ChatGPT, especially if it involves critical decisions or bookings. While GPTs are powerful tools, it’s essential to double-check important details for accuracy.

Step 10: Enjoy Seamless Travel Planning

  • Enjoy the convenience of using Kayak’s travel services directly within your ChatGPT conversations. Whether you’re planning a trip or seeking travel-related information, the Kayak GPT can enhance your experience.

Example: How to Organize a Solo Trip to Paris

Scenario: You are planning a solo trip to Paris for a week in early May. You want to book your flight, find a centrally-located hotel, and explore car rental options.

Step 1: Input Your Query

Start by typing your requirements into the ChatGPT chat box. For instance, “I’m looking for a flight to Paris in early May, a hotel near the Louvre, and a car rental for a week.”

Step 2: Execute the Query

After entering your details, send your query. The Kayak ChatGPT will analyze your input and search for relevant travel options that match your criteria.

Step 3: Review and Select Flights

The Kayak ChatGPT will present a variety of flights. You’ll see options for different airlines, times, and prices. Each option will include a link to view more details and proceed with booking if you find one that fits your schedule and budget.

Kayak ChatGPT will present a variety of flights

Step 4: Choose Your Hotel

Along with flight options, the Kayak ChatGPT will suggest hotels. Since you specified a desire to stay near the Louvre, it will focus on accommodations in that area. You’ll get a list of hotels with ratings, prices, and a direct booking link.

Step 5: Arrange Car Rental

Finally, the Kayak ChatGPT will offer car rental options available in Paris during your stay. You can compare prices, pick-up and drop-off locations, and vehicle types, all tailored to your travel dates.

Kayak ChatGPT will offer car rental options

Step 6: Finalize Your Bookings

For each segment of your trip—flight, hotel, and car rental—you can click on the provided links to finalize your bookings on Kayak’s website. You can also ask follow-up questions or modify your queries if your plans change or you want more options.

Can Kayak ChatGPT provide personalized travel recommendations?

The Kayak ChatGPT plugin can provide personalized travel recommendations. It leverages the integration with Kayak’s extensive travel databases to offer suggestions based on the user’s specific queries and preferences. 

For example, suppose you ask about budget-friendly hotels in Paris or the best flights from New York to Tokyo. In that case, the Kayak ChatGPT can generate tailored suggestions that consider factors like your budget, travel dates, and preferences. This personalization helps in planning trips that are better suited to individual needs, making travel planning more efficient and customized.

Examples of Using Kayak ChatGPT in Travel Planning

To better highlight the personalization features of the Kayak ChatGPT, let’s delve into specific examples that show how it tailors recommendations to unique user needs and preferences:

  1. Catering to Dietary Restrictions:
    • Scenario: A traveler with specific dietary needs is looking to visit Tokyo. They might ask, “Can you recommend restaurants in Tokyo that cater to gluten-free diets?”
    • GPT Response: The Kayak ChatGPT would access Kayak’s travel and restaurant databases, along with user reviews, to suggest eateries known for their gluten-free options. It could further personalize these suggestions by considering the traveler’s budget and preferred dining styles, such as casual dining or upscale restaurants.
  2. Adjusting Travel Plans Based on Mobility Requirements:
    • Scenario: A user with limited mobility is planning a trip to Barcelona and needs accommodations and activities that are accessible. They could input, “I need a hotel with wheelchair access near La Rambla and suggestions for accessible tourist attractions in Barcelona.”
    • GPT Response: Leveraging its integration with Kayak’s database, the Kayak ChatGPT would provide a list of hotels with verified accessibility features, like wheelchair-accessible rooms and facilities. It would also recommend accessible tourist attractions and transportation options that accommodate mobility limitations, ensuring the traveler’s specific needs are met.
  3. Tailoring Recommendations for Budget Constraints:
    • Scenario: A student backpacking across Europe is looking for budget-friendly options. They might ask, “What are the cheapest hostels and free attractions in Prague for backpackers?”
    • GPT Response: The Kayak ChatGPT would generate a list of budget hostels with good ratings and available discounts. Additionally, it would suggest free or low-cost attractions, such as visiting Prague’s historic Old Town or enjoying panoramic city views from Petřín Hill, aligning with the traveler’s financial constraints.
Kayak ChatGPT would generate a list of budget hostels

Is Kayak GPT’s responses up-to-date with the latest travel regulations and advisories? 

Kayak GPT’s responses may not always be up-to-date with the latest travel regulations and advisories. While the Kayak ChatGPT integrates Kayak’s travel data to provide personalized recommendations and information, it relies on the data it was trained on, which includes historical data up to a certain point (most recently 2021 for the base GPT model). This means it might not reflect very recent changes in travel regulations or advisories that have occurred after the last training data cut-off.

For real-time updates and the most current travel regulations, it’s crucial to verify information from official government and reliable travel advisory websites. The Kayak ChatGPT tool itself advises users to double-check for the latest updates, underscoring the importance of consulting human-verified sources for the most current and accurate information.

Reviews of the Kayak ChatGPT 

Here are specific individual reviews of the Kayak GPT, highlighting user experiences and opinions:

  1. Positive Experience with Specificity:
    • “The Kayak GPT really stood out compared to others like Expedia. It asked for detailed information right from the start, which made the recommendations much more useful. I specified that I was flying from Seattle and needed a hotel and car in San Francisco, and it tailored everything to my needs.” — Tom’s Guide
  2. Comparison with Other GPTs:
    • “I tried using both Expedia and Kayak GPTs for planning a trip to New York City. Expedia was disappointing, providing vague and sometimes irrelevant information. However, Kayak’s GPT asked for detailed input like departure city and travel preferences, which made a huge difference. It even provided options for rental cars, which was a plus.” — User on r/OpenAI
  1. Mixed Feedback on Functionality:
    • “The GPT’s ability to provide detailed local activities and transportation suggestions is impressive. However, it struggles with flexible dates and sometimes the loading times are a bit slow, which can be frustrating if you’re trying to quickly plan a trip.” — User feedback from r/OpenAI discussion.
  2. Limitations in Hotel Booking:
    • “While I appreciated the personalized flight suggestions, I found the hotel booking feature a bit lacking. The GPT doesn’t offer detailed reviews, which are crucial for deciding where to stay. It would be great to see more comprehensive hotel information in future updates.” — Feedback from a travel blogger on r/OpenAI discussion.
  3. Comparison of GPTs:
    • The user observed that the standalone GPT model and Bing search offered the best advice for local travel. The user rated Kayak above Expedia but noted that while Kayak provided acceptable activity suggestions, these were often touristic and located far from the user’s residence. Expedia was described as “completely useless” in comparison, highlighting significant dissatisfaction with its functionality. — Reddit Discussion on Travel GPTs
user rated Kayak


Using the Kayak ChatGPT Plugin to plan your trip offers a streamlined and personalized travel planning experience. By simply entering your preferences and requirements, Kayak GPT can provide customized recommendations for flights, hotels, and activities, all tailored to your specific needs.

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